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Product Model No.   Product Model No.  
Internal Drives Exabyte 8200 2.3gb External Exabyte 8200 2.3gb
  8500 5gb   8500 5gb
  8505 5gb   8505 5gb
  8505XL 7-14gb   8505XL 7-14gb
  8705 7-14gb   8705 7-14gb
  8900 20-40gb   8900 20-40gb
Quantum DLT 2000 10-20gb Quantum DLT 2000 10-20gb
  2000XT 15-30gb   2000XT 15-30gb
  4000 20-40gb   4000 20-40gb
  7000 35-70gb   7000 35-70gb
  8000 40-80gb   8000 40-80gb
Library Drives + Carrier + PSU StorageTek 9710 DLT 4000 20-40gb Library Drives + Carrier + PSU Breecehill Q47 7000 35-70gb
  9710 DLT 7000 35-70gb   Q215 7000 35-70gb
  9730 DLT 4000 20-40gb
  9730 DLT 7000 35-70gb Dell 120T dlt4000 20-40gb
  9840 SCSI   120T dlt7000 35-70gb
  9840 Fibre   130T dlt7000 35-70gb
  9840 ESCON
  L20 dlt7000 35-70gb HP 418 20-40gb
  L20 dlt8000 40-80gb   718 35-70gb
  L20 LTO 1     818 40-80gb
  L700 DLT 7000 35-70gb   L9 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L700 DLT 8000 40-80gb   L9 dlt8000 40-80gb
  L700 LTO 1     L20 dlt8000 40-80gb
  L700 SDLT 1  
Sun L280 dlt7000 35-70gb ATL L200 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L9 dlt7000 35-70gb   L500 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L9 dlt8000 40-80gb   L1000 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L20/40/80 7000 35-70gb   L1800 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L20/40/80 8000 40-80gb   L3500 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L1000 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L1800 dlt7000 35-70gb
  L3500 dlt7000 35-70gb
1. All repairs& prices are carried out on the basis of complete and damage free generic units.
2. Any unit deemed by SPS as incomplete and damaged, may be charged as a refurbish price plus all additional charges.
3. Evaluation is free. Return carriage will be charged
4. No fix no fee.
5. Standard turnaround is 7 working days.
7. 6 month Warranty included. Warranty extension will be charged extra.
8. Drives repaired with existing firmware.
9. Firmware upgrade available.
10. Enclosure & PSU housings tested free (dual fault enclosures & drives may be charged extra)
11. Return carriage will be charged
12. Transit insurance outgoing is not included. Transit insurance is responsibility of the customer.
13. Full drive repair available. Multiple fault drives may be defined as rebuilds.
14. Rebuild replacements prices include original drive as swap.
15. Advance exchange units must be returned within 5 days or a surcharge may apply.
16. Library drive repairs include shuttle assembly, slede, & PSU.
17. Receive & swap is based on shipping a drive next day once original is received by SPS.
18. Advance Exchange is based on shipping of a replacement drive same day as order request is received ( pre 3.00pm UK).
19. Same day repair will be charged at Advance Exchange prices if requested.