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Archive Document Storage & Record Management - Overview

The legal obligation to long term store document and file records, can place a significant burden on business resources in consumption of both office space and staff management time. Storing archive document files internally in your office space is not only subject to 'hidden' costs such as rates, heating, lighting, rent etc. but even more importantly, takes up valuable space which could be better utilised for your business.

With the legal requirements of European & US laws ever increasing, there has been a huge growth in the volume of computer based & paper based data that needs to be kept over multi- year periods, whilst still being readily available for inspection. Failure to properly archive that data can seriously affect any business's ability to perform at the highest levels. To further minimise business risk, and protect your data from unexpected disasters, offsite storage of your computer system backup media, or critical business documents, is crucial to a succesful disaster recovery plan.

Could your business survive a major disaster such as fire, flood, virus infection without an off-site backup ?

Why store your document records or tape backup data offsite ? - Click here to find out more.

Confidently store your document files or backup media with SPS– and access them simply and quickly via your chosen delivery method whenever you require them.

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