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Collection / Delivery Methods

Ready to go ahead ? Simply telephone or email us to tell us how many boxes/files/tapes you have and when you would like them collected.

Our own logistics team will arrive on your chosen date and time to collect all boxes/files/tapes. There is no need for you to handle the items at all, as we will be happy to retreive them from wherever they are currently located - even in the furthest office, storeroom, portakabin, garage, basement or attic !

If your files are currently in filing cabinets or in hanging file systems, no problem ! We can provide archive storage boxes, and even do the packing, barcoding & cataloguing if you require.

If your media tapes are currently not in carrier cases, no problem ! We will bring our own containers/carrier cases to move the tapes from your offices to our store.

We offer a wide range of collection and delivery options to you depending on your requirements.

DX Post delivery - For 'DX' members across the UK, files or boxes placed in store with us, can be requested and delivered to your DX mailbox by 8.30am the next morning. At a nominal charge per file, this presents a very low cost and secure method of delivering your files to you in an efficient and timely manner. Files can be returned to us for re-filing just as simply through the DX service to DX ST8, Stirling. Additional 'Fully Tracked' delivery of critical files available at a small surcharge.

Next Day delivery - Our delivery team will have the files/boxes/tapes that you require, delivered direct to your chosen address, at your preferred time. This is our standard delivery for all pre-3pm file requests.

Same Day delivery - Our delivery teamwill have the files/boxes/tapes you require delivered direct to your chosen address, at your chosen time. Guaranteed to arrive within 4 hours for pre-3pm file requests.

Scheduled delivery - Our scheduled delivery service will have the files/boxes/tapes that you require, delivered direct to you, at your preferred time/s each day to your agreed schedule.

Self collection - Files/boxes/tapes may be collected or delivered to us either same day, or next day in person. Simply notify us what you require, and we will have it ready and waiting for you at our 'goods out' area. Nominal Handling charges only apply - no collection/delivery charge.

Royal Mail - Document Files can be delivered to you via any of the Royal Mail services available. Simply let us know which service you wish us to utilise, depending on your requirements for speed of delivery, and if you wish the delivery guaranteed. Applicable postage rate applies at time of posting.

Scan to Email - Files can be scanned and emailed to you either same day, next day, or as you require.

Scan to Webtrack - Files can be scanned directly to our secure web server ready for you to login and view, print, download - either same day, next day, or as you require.

Fax - Files can be faxed to wherever you require them as urgently as you need.

Whenever you require one or more files/boxes/tapes, simply notify us by fax, email or telephone, providing us with the details of what is required, when and how you require it delivered to you. We will do the rest ! A modest handling charge applies for each file/box/tape movement.

Contact Jane on 07000 358358 or email us at archive@dataspacescotland.co.uk to find out more about our services and how we can help you make your business space work better for you.