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Offsite Document Storage - How do we get started ?

Placing your document records into store with us could not be easier.

So how does it work ?

1. Make a list of all files which are stored in each box (If you prefer us to do that for you, we offer a packing and cataloguing service at small an additional charge). Write the box number or reference name on the box.

2. Let us know how many boxes you have ready, when you wish them collected, and optionally, specify an end-of-life date for each box (or for individual files within the box)........Do you require archive boxes ? If so, simply request however many of our strong, double thickness A4/DS1 or Lever Arch/DS2 archive boxes you require from us, and tell us when you would like delivery of them (delivered either flat-pack or ready-built as you prefer).

3. Our logistics team will arrive to collect your boxes at your chosen date & time.

5. On arrival at our Records Management facility, each box and/or file will be assigned a unique bar code and will be barcode scanned into our computerised records system, and entered into the secure store.

6. You will be assigned a user account & password to our Secure Online Document Management System 'Webtrack' , allowing you to securely view the details of your files held in store with us, and request them for delivery at the click of a button.

Along with your quarterly or monthly invoice, you will be provided with an up to date activity log showing details of all boxes and/or files in store with us, and a report of all movement charges which have occurred over the previous quarter/month.

To ensure the security of your records, only authorised personnel are permitted entry into the secure store area, or permitted access to our computerised records system. Our computer systems are fully fire-walled, virus protected and backed up daily onto our extensive tape backup system then stored offsite in a 4 hour media vault room for further security.

Our storage facilities are fully protected by Redcare fire and intruder alarm systems, with 24 hour security monitoring and CCTV cameras.

Contact Jane on 07000 358358 or email us at archive@dataspacescotland.co.uk to find out more about our services.