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90% of your Data needs Tape
Tape continues to play an integral role within the storage environment as improvement in capabilities and reliability helps maintain its place as a viable means of storage. Despite recent battles over whether tape or disk is the right solution for all storage needs, data managers are increasingly realizing that a "one-size-fits-all" solution no longer holds true – data that needs to be accessed on a regular basis should be managed differently than that for archiving, long-term storage or disaster recovery.

Consider this: a UC Santa Cruz study found that 90 percent of data stored to NAS was never accessed again, underscoring the need to use a cost-effective means to store data and reduce energy costs.

What does this mean?
Disk can be an appropriate medium for quickly accessing that 10% of data that needs to be readily available, and tape can be the effective solution for the remaining 90% of the data.
Moreover, a blend of disk and tape – where near-term data is stored on disk, then backed up on a regular basis to tape, can deliver a more cost-effective solution to reduce power expenditures and physical space while protecting data offline from intentional or unintentional corruption.

60% of your Storage Managers re-introduce Tape

We’ve all seen the headlines proclaiming the passing of tape, but most storage managers know that “these rumors have been greatly exaggerated,” to take a line from Mark Twain.
A recent survey found that more than 60 percent of storage managers with disk-only backup environments planned to add tape back into their storage solution.

75% of Storage Managers impliment D2T Solution
Changing requirements for storage has resulted in the cohesive operations of disk and tape – and the same survey found that nearly two-thirds of storage managers implement a combined tape/disk solution (Disk to Tape – D2T).

They know tape is an ideal tool for long-term storage and will help reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
They also realize the value in tape for offline data protection in a remote location to protect against viruses and disasters.