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Secure Document Shredding & IT Destruction Services

For a secure & confidential destruction service you can rely on every time

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What We Provide

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Document Shredding & Destruction

  • Crosscut Shredding to Category 3.

  • Secure collection by our vetted SPS staff.

  • Shredding Console / Cabinet supply to ensure all documents are safely held within your offices pending destruction.

  • Paper Self Seal Shredding Sacks for easy filling and collection.

  • Entire sealed sack is destroyed.

  • Collection of full boxes or filled sacks for secure destruction by shredding.

  • Helps you comply with the new GDPR regulations.

Piles of Paper
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I.T Destruction and Recycling

Our specialist IT granulator crunches any IT hardware, such as cd/dvd disks, data tapes, hard drives, usb stick, pen drives, and much more. This renders the hardware 100% physically destroyed.

The granules remaining are then sent to specialist recycling partners, who seperate metals and plastics, and fully recycle every part.

Your data is safe with us !

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